Non-Surgical Rejuventation

Medical skincare

Healthy skin is the base of a fresh and healthy appearance. Over the counter products are marketing driven, overpromise and underdeliver. Most of them are made as ‘feel good’ products.

In order to profoundly heal the skin and have real results on skin health, a medical approach with potent active ingredients “medication for the skin” is necessaire.

A tapered and personalized skin program is designed using ZO Skinhealth products after a 3D in depth skin analysis. Results are monitored in follow up using 3D analysis to visualize and prove the achieved results. 3D in depth skin analysis also allows us to change or add to the program depending on the specific needs of your skin.

A personalized ZO skin health program is not only used for ant-aging but tackles difficult to treat problems such as acne, rosacea an pigmentation problems.