Dental implants are simply put “titanium screws” that replace and mimic the root of a natural tooth. Titanium has the special characteristic of integrating in the bone. Patients that have lost one or multiple teeth can be rehabilitated using dental implants as a base structure for new teeth. Dental implants are still the most comfortable option for the patient when it comes to replacement.

Not so rarely unfortunately, due to several factors such as infection, longterm bone resorption, traumatic tooth loss or complex extraction with bone loss, there is not enough bone to put an implant. In those cases, dr. Büttner, who has extensive experience in complex reconstructive cases, is best placed to guide you in the possible options for your specific case.

Exceptionally, when replacement grafts are not an option and the patient wants a fixed solution, a patient specific titanium implant that is supported by the maxillary pillars can be an option. Dr. Büttner will gladly be your guide in your dental rehabilitation journey using state-of-the-art techniques.

Dr. Büttner has longstanding experience with all three major implant systems Astra, Nobel Biocare and Straumann.