Preventive/interceptive orthodontic treatment

Preventive orthodontics consist of avoiding malformations in the skeletal development by bad habits such as thumb sucking, mouth breathing etc.

When these malformations have start to occur, we can still address them with devices to correct the growth to prevent later more complicated treatment plans.

These treatments usually take place between 6 and 10 years old.

Classical orthodontic treatment

In classic orthodontics, brackets are glued to the teeth. An orthodontic wire is placed in the brackets to move the teeth in the desired position.

Although with digital technology, more and more cases can be treated with invisible aligners. Some movements are still only possible with a classic orthodontic treatment.

At FACES, we specialize in both treatments. They each have their (dis)advantages. We are here to guide and advise you on the best possible treatment plan for your individual case.