Dr. Michael BÜTTNER

Dr. med. Dent. Michael BÜTTNER, FEBOMFS

Facial Surgery

Dr. Büttner is a double degree maxillofacial surgeon, trained in Switzerland.

His focus is reconstructive-, orthognatic and oral surgery. He is a reference for dental (pre-) implant surgery. Out of his extensive reconstructive experience he also developed a passion for facial aesthetics.

After completing his dental degree at the University of Basel he pursued his medical degree at the University of Geneva while working as a pediatric dentist.

He started his surgical training with a year of Neurosurgery at the University of Geneva under Prof. De Tribolet which added to his training in skull base surgery further on in his Maxillofacial Surgery training under Prof. Joram Raveh.

He continued his maxillofacial surgery training at the University of Bern Insel Spital, with a focus on skull base-, trauma-, reconstructive and oncological surgery. He also acquired a specialty diploma in Oral Surgery. After continuing as a staff member at the Insel Spital, he was asked to join Prof. Mommaerts at the European Face Centre as a Clinic Head. Since 2013 he is responsible for the Head- and Neck Oncology and Cranio- facial deformity in the service. He also has extensive experience in orthognatic and aesthetic facial surgery. He has been responsible for the training of numerous young colleagues and is known as an enthusiastic and highly skilled instructor.

Due to his extensive experience in complex reconstructive surgery, he is best qualified to aid patients that need complex oral rehabilitation using dental implants. In his extra degree in Oral Surgery, he was trained in the highest level of pre-implant and dental Implant Surgery. He is happy to welcome you in his private consultation to discuss the best treatment option for you regarding oral rehabilitation, orthognatic, reconstructive and facial aesthetic surgery. His focus is a patient centered approach where he takes the time to advise you on the best possible options for your specific problem.

Dr. Büttner has extensive and longstanding experience as a university staff member at the highest level of the surgical field and gladly shares his experience with you in this private clinic setting. This allows for a more individual and personal approach compared to university care where training of young colleagues is an integral part of the service.

Spoken languages: Englisch, Nederlands, Français, Deutsch